Pasture harrows and rollers

A grass harrow aerates the grass sward by removing matted grasses and breaking up the soil surface. This encourages water infiltration and root growth and stimulates the growth of healthy new grass. The harrow will also level mole hills.

Logic offer two basic types of grass harrow. The first is a simple, traditional, towed chain-harrow (top right). The second grass harrow employs frame-mounted, adjustable Einbock™ spring tines (middle right). The performance of the latter is best evaluated by viewing the Video of the harrows.

When used in conjunction with an agri-quad, both harrows provide a low ground pressure harrowing option to minimize soil damage. This is particularly useful for early spring harrowing when ground conditions may be too soft for tractor access.

Rolling is done to repair the damage to pastures caused by hooves. Rolling is also useful to help firm the soil around the roots of the grass or around new seeds.

Rolling pushes stones under the soil surface to ensures an even surface to allow for better pasture management and to protect equipment. Water ballast can be added to the roller drum so the weight can be adjusted to suit the ground conditions.

However, too much weight will compact the soil, resulting in poorer grass growth. The Logic Ballast Roller can be towed behind a low ground pressure Agri-quad to ensure efficient rolling with minimal damage to overall soil structure.